Al Ahli Group’s Iron Man Collectibles marvels Hollywood stars at Avengers: Age of Ultron global premiere

19 April 2015,

Al Ahli Group’s Hulkbuster by Comicave Studios was the showstopper at the star-studded red carpet premiere


Dubai, UAE, April 19, 2015: Al Ahli Holding Group, a multi-diversified international conglomerate based across UAE charted history by becoming the first global company ever to unveil a collectible at the Hollywood premiere of Marvel and Disney’s Avengers: Age of Ultron in Los Angeles, USA.

The Iron Man collectibles comprising of the uniquely designed Hulkbuster, conceptualized and manufactured by AAHG’s Singapore-based subsidiary, Comicave Studios left Hollywood celebrities mesmerized at the star studded premiere and stood out as an added attraction amidst the glitzy affair on the red carpet.

While fans and the paparazzi gathered at the venue in Los Angeles vied for a photo opportunity and autograph from the stars of Avengers, the celebrities on the other hand posed alongside the Hulkbuster, praising the detailing and design of the unique collectible along with its game changing remote controlled automation.

“Our partnership with Marvel began in the year 2006, from the first Iron Man movie and since then we have tied up on various projects strengthening our rapport with the entire Disney group. The Al Ahli Holding Group is responsible for bringing in a new wave of collectibles. We wanted to incorporate the modernity that Marvel brings to the movie industry and wanted all of that to manifest through the products we showcase on the red carpet. It is heartening to see the response that our ‘Hulkbuster’ collectible has received,” said Mohammed Khammas, CEO, Al Ahli Holding Group.

Khammas also added that the designs by Comicave Studios resonate exceptional quality and technical superiority. “In most of our collectibles we incorporate a slightly more automated articulation rather than the same old one, so you would see a lot of robotics in it. We are going to further launch many more products, but our prototype of the Hulkbuster has received stunning acceptance at its debut in the gala premiere,” he explained.

The company further added that the Hulkbuster is almost 4 feet tall and has been designed based on what Marvel does in their movies. “There’s definitely a lot more lined up for fans as we will incorporate some more articulation in the collectible, through which there would be more movement in terms of upper body and lower body. Comicave Studios will continuously strive to offer game changing collectibles that will surely wow the collectible lovers worldwide” Darren Gan, CEO, Comicave Studios, said, adding more insights into the product.

Strutting down the red carpet were celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L Jackson, Paul Rudd, Stan Lee and many celebrities who were as gripped with excitement, as the fans were, for the showcase of the year’s biggest Hollywood blockbuster. Eager fans also tried to catch a glimpse of the collectible after the movie premiere, as the big names from the industry headed to the after party event of the premiere where the Hulkbuster collectible was displayed live and it held the centre stage attracting all celebrities and industry stalwarts from Hollywood to marvel at this exclusive collectible. Celebrities were very impressed and bowled over with the Hulkbuster and many even took selfies along with the collectible. Samuel Jackson, who portrays the role of Nick Fury in the Avengers movie series went a step ahead and posted his Hulkbuster selfie video on his Facebook page.

The company believes that this launch will boost the other business segments of the group that are in line with this genre of pop-culture, like AAHG’s Comicave Store, the world’s largest comic books and collectibles store at the Dubai Outlet Mall. “The collectibles that we launched have emerged from an innovative concept and its unveiling was furthermore special for us as it has strengthened our strategic alliance with Disney and Marvel, at an event bedecked with glamorous celebrities. The fact that our collectibles received an overwhelming response at the premiere reinforced that this was an ideal combination for Comicave Studios to unveil its product,” explained Abdulla Mahmood, Director, Marketing and Corporate Communication, AAHG.
The limited edition Hulkbuster collectible that is currently under manufacturing mode will be available at Comicave Studios. The availability of this much – awaited collectible will shortly be announced.

AAHG’s unprecedented success at the international premiere of the most awaited film of the year comes close on heels of its successful launch of Comicave store that has slowly become a must – visit destination at Dubai Outlet Mall attracting geeks, pop culture fans and celebrities from overseas to visit this unique store. AAHG has recently launched Al Ahli Publishing and Distribution that has rights to publish and distribute international comic books from Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and San Rio in English, Arabic and Persian.

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