Al Ahli Holding Group wins prestigious Asian Leadership Award 2015 for ‘Fabulous Achievement in Marketing Excellence’

Honoured for enhancing the brand globally through round the year marketing excellence


Dubai, UAE, October 7, 2015: Al Ahli Holding Group (AAHG), a UAE-based multi-diversified international conglomerate has been honoured at the prestigious Asian Leadership Awards 2015.
The company, with over four decades of successes in the region has been recognized for ‘Fabulous Achievement in Marketing Excellence’ – the acclaimed FAME award, at the fifth edition of the award ceremony held on October 7, 2015 in Dubai.
The jury recognized the AAHG brand for its multiple innovative marketing strategies and campaigns around the year, across the various business units within the group. Amongst the most innovative marketing strategies of the year was AAHG’s alliance with Hollywood’s renowned Marvel-Disney studios to unveil its new range of products at the Hollywood world premiere of Marvel blockbusters. Further, the company has enhanced its brand across digital media including website and social media presence along with a series of other winning marketing activities over the year that have helped AAHG enhance its brand globally.
“It is truly an honour to receive this award from the board that recognizes remarkable business leaders and organisations in Asia. At AAHG, innovation is at the heart of everything that we do as we are constantly diversifying our businesses and exploring newer markets and ideas. This achievement resonates the sound leadership and hard work put in by all our teams. Such industry honours have only made the belief in our vision stronger,” said Mohammed Khammas, CEO, AAHG.
AAHG had tied up with Marvel to unveil its new product, the four-foot tall animatronic Hulkbuster by its Singapore-based subsidiary, Comicave Studios at the red carpet Hollywood world premiere of Avengers: Age Of Ultron in Los Angeles, USA earlier this year. The Asian Leadership Award jury noted that this strategic marketing alliance led to the Emirati conglomerate gaining international recognition, with bigger marketing plans in the pipeline that will only put the UAE brand on the global map.
“It is indeed an honour to receive the industry accolade and recognition as I sincerely believe that it is an acknowledgement of the team’s collective efforts on running multiple successful marketing campaigns and promotions integrating various AAHG subsidiaries in order for us to leverage our brand strengths internally and externally,” said Abdulla Mahmood, AAHG’s Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication, who received a citation at the award ceremony for being one of Asia’s most influential CMO and received the award on behalf of the company.
“This year has been quite an eventful and challenging one for us and we have struck many strategic alliances with top international brands and this has helped the company’s brand equity grow strength to strength on a global platform,” Mahmood added.
Apart from the alliance with Marvel, AAHG has been running successful innovative digital campaigns that have increased its Gold’s Gym members, making it the fastest growing gym clubs with over 60,000 members in its 20 gyms across UAE which has recently led to winning the prestigious Gold’s Gym International ‘President’s Award’ in USA. AAHG’s Comicave being positioned as the ‘World’s Largest Collectible Destination’ has attracted consumers to the unique immersive retail store located in Dubai. Amongst its other subsidiaries, the F&B division’s Little Manila was launched to an overwhelming response with its first outlet in Dubai; Al Ahli Publishing and Distribution unveiled its English and Arabic version of Marvel comics including the official launch of Miss Marvel, the first Muslim superhero across the MENA region and last month the Singapore-based Universal Events made a splash with its first Asia Pop Comic Con event in Manila that drew over 40,000 attendants. AAHG’s well-established subsidiary, Dubai Outlet Mall, the region’s first outlet mall destination with over 1200 premium brand offers under one roof has been drawing hoards of customers.
The integrated marketing campaigns of AAHG grew substantially on the digital platform through several social media campaigns that raised awareness, increased engagement and helped all our subsidiaries grow to greater heights. AAHG made a recent strategic acquisition of one of the world’s largest publishers of multi-channel social and digital content, USA-based theAudience and the new subsidiary will add immense value to the digital and social marketing campaigns of various AAHG subsidiaries over the next few months.
Initiated in the year 2011, the Asian Leadership Awards have been renowned in the industry as Asia’s premier showcase of exemplary business enterprises that acknowledges pioneering leaders and organisations who have set new benchmarks in the global arena in association with US-based CMO Council. Mahmood has already been conferred as CMO Asia’s Corporate Communication Professional of 2012 and Marketing Professional of 2013 in his previous role and it is no surprise Mahmood has recently been cited amongst Asia’s most influential CMO bringing his wealth of regional experience and adding immense value to AAHG’s growing brand equity.

About Al Ahli Holding Group (
Al Ahli Holding Group is a multi-diversified international conglomerate with over four decades of successfully dealing with business activities ranging from real estate to turnkey construction, engineering and infrastructure, retail and trading, technology and logistics, lifestyle and fitness, entertainment, hospitality and innovative developments. With great passion and a very active portfolio in the entertainment industry, AAHG operates innovative and ground-breaking projects in the UAE. Amongst its portfolio, AAHG owns Dubai Outlet Mall, which is the first outlet mall concept in the Middle East; constructed major landmarks in the Eastern region of UAE; holds the exclusive largest franchise rights to US-based Gold’s Gym International in the Middle East and Africa; established Al Ahli Plastics, one of Middle East’s largest plastic manufacturing companies; holds licenses to publish Marvel, Warner Bros., DC Comics and Sanrio comics and activity books; recently opened Comicave, the world’s largest comic and superhero collectibles destination store at Dubai Outlet Mall; launched Singapore-based Comicave Studios, a manufacturer of high-end collectibles and toys and launched a premiere international events company, Universal Events, which will initially organize the Asia Pop Comic Con events, amongst other international events. Across its multi-entertainment based platforms, AAHG has strategic alliances with Fox Studios, Marvel-Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and other leading Hollywood studios. With around 9,000 employees, AAHG is headquartered in the UAE, with representative offices across 20 countries globally.

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