Asia Pop Comic Con 2015 to be held in Manila

27 November 2014, ABS CBN News.

A regional comic and pop culture convention will take place here next year, with the event expected to gather artists, collectors, fans, and even some celebrities.
Al Ahli Holding Group (AAHG), a conglomerate from the United Arab Emirates, will host Asia Pop Comic Con 2015 in Manila as it jumpstarts its business in the Philippines. The event, which will likely be held in the second half of next year, will have participating brands such as Marvel, DC Comics, Disney and Sanrio.
“This is an opportunity for artists, cartoonists and designers to come together under one roof,” Abdulla Mahmood, director for communications and marketing at AAHG, said in a press conference for Asia Pop Comic Con 2015 on Wednesday. “What we’re going to offer is something that has not been done in such magnitude.”
AAHG is still evaluating locations in Manila for Asia Pop Comic Con 2015, which takes inspiration from multi-genre entertainment conventions such as Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.
More announcements will be made in the next few months, said Mahmood, as they finalize their lineup of participants for the following categories – toys, animation, comic book publishing, movies, music and cosplay.
“There is the probability that we will have international celebrities over here. We’re looking at talents from Korea, Japan, and even Hollywood,” he said. “We can have one or a couple of them visit Manila. It’s going to be pretty exciting.”
“So when you look at this event, it is an opportunity for Filipino talent to showcase their skills, and probably rub shoulders with some of the international artists, and probably build their clientele… We’re also looking forward to having Alodia Gosiengfiao and come up with her best costumes over here,” he added, referring to the popular Filipina cosplayer.
Mohammed Khammas, chief executive officer of AAHG, said Asia Pop Comic Con 2015 marks the start of the conglomerate’s long-term commitment of investments in the Philippines, noting the country’s fast-growing economy and large pool of talent.
“Filipinos are huge fans of comics, animations, toys and have a wide knowledge related to the pop culture that makes us choosing the Philippines as an obvious choice to host Asia Pop Comic Con 2015,” Khammas said.
He added: “This will be the first of Al Ahli Holding Group’s series of unique projects that have been customized for the Philippines which will provide novel entertainment experience and contribute to the local economy, making it a win-win proposition and attracting a lot of regional and international interest in the country.”
In an effort to add a local flavor to Asia Pop Comic Con 2015, AAHG is asking Filipino artists to submit a design for the event’s logo, with the winner to be awarded P50,000. Applicants may send their entries to
“We want the logo to be designed by one of the talents in the Philippines. We want the talent to come from your country,” Mahmood said.