Comicave opens its door to the public at Dubai Outlet Mall

19 November 2014 , Gulf News

Comicave is the region’s first-of-its-kind superstore for high-end collectibles, apparel and novelty items
A giant 10-foot statue of the Incredible Hulk, made all of fibre glass in a studio in Australia and fixed with his signature ferocious grimace on a 2x140x80cm base, (Dh37,999), stands at the entrance. Two paces away looms another lifesize statue – that of Darth Malgus, (Dh32,999) of Star Wars fame, over seven feet tall and more than three feet wide, replete with an LED-lit light saber, LED light up components in the chest, collar and wrist gauntlets and a real fabric hooded cape.
Step further inside and it all gets more imposing with some of the best-known fictional characters in history awaiting you in their trademark poise – from The Godfather, Don Vito Corleone sat in an armchair with a pipe to a Bruce Lee bending to ‘enter the dragon’, the Superman staring you in the eye to a supple Spiderman ready to cast his web.
That’s Comicave for you: the world’s largest comics and collectibles store that officially opened in Dubai Outlet Mall this month where there’s not a single pop culture icon that’s not finished to exacting standards and not without every intricate detail in tow.
“Fans of comic books, collectibles and pop culture across the country have good reason to rejoice here in the Middle East’s first-of-its-kind superstore for high-end collectibles, apparel, novelty items and the like. You name it and we have it,” says Yasmin Al Najjar, Comicave’s Retail Distribution General Manager for the Mena/India region.
Something for everyone
From Manga enthusiasts to comic book aficionados and film and TV series buffs, this unique store spread over 17,000 squre feet does indeed have something for everyone. “As a kid, I was fanatic about The Fab 4 but growing up, I kind of fell in love with Batman. Seeing the life size of the Knight of Gotham feels awesome,” says Moroccan fan Hicham Al Kaddouri.
There’s obviously no price for gawking at any of the figures, but to own one of them – the way you want – miniature, bust or lifesize, there is a fair price to pay, from between Dh15 and Dh45,000.
If the six-and-half-foot tall fibreglass Batman classic lifesize statue (Dh16,999) doesn’t suit your pocket, there’s a limited edition lifesize bust piece (Dh3,499). Right next to the Dark Knight is the Joker, his sworn enemy (Dh3,099), in his dapper style, fitted with a tailored fabric dress shirt, tie and jacket and complete with his characteristic chilling grin and ‘crazed eyes’.
Limited editions of a 134cm tall Spiderman (Dh17,999), a 24-inch Jack Sparrow (Dh10,499) and a 22-inch Bruce Lee, signed by Shanon Lee, the legend’s daughter herself, also adorn the store.
The one that occupies centre stage though is a lifesize statue of Chris Evans as Captain America – the most expensive of them all that comes at just one less than Dh46,000!