Corporate Social Responsibility

Al Ahli Holding Group truly believes in the private sector’s responsibility to contribute back to society, and it is this thought that led AAHG to become one of the first private sector companies in the UAE to create a fully dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility division.

Amongst the first initiatives of the CSR wing of our company was the heavy focus laid on entrepreneurship. Along these lines we began helping, training and empowering the Arab youth to start their own sustainable businesses.

Today, AAHG CSR has succeeded with the generous help of governments and partners, in implementing programs at Argentina, Jordan, Brazil, UK and Lebanon changing the lives of hundreds of youth from the UAE, Jordan, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Colombia, Greece, Lebanon, India and the UK.

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Focus Areas



We aim to help create a new generation of business leaders that are able to develop international partnerships and compete globally.

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Social Responsibility

We aim to help develop and enhance the practice and awareness of CSR among practitioners and students in the region.

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Social Entrepreneurship

We aim to encourage young entrepreneurs to come up with creative business ideas that have positive impact on the society.
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