Al Ahli Holding Group announces “long-term strategic alliance” with DONE Events

2 March 2015, 7 Days in Dubai

A MULTI-BILLION dirham, Dubai-based conglomerate is getting its groove on with a group who have brought some of the biggest acts in the world to the emirate – in a bid to boost its own entertainment sector.
Al Ahli Holding Group (AAHG) has announced a “long-term strategic alliance” with DONE Events, who have organised gigs with artists such as Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez.
The agreement will see DONE Events “produce shows of international calibre for AAHG’s new subsidiary that will focus on live events and performances”.
Initially, Thomas Ovesen, the COO of DONE Events, said this will “all be overseas” – with a focus on the Far East and Asia but also the Middle East and South America.
An ‘Asia Pop Comic Con’ event will be held in Manila in the Philippines this year.
However, DONE Events will also produce top international shows in an exclusive new Dubai venue to be built by AAHG as part of the company’s move into live events and performances.
Ovesen said the new venue would be forseeable in around “18 months” and believed it would help his firm.
The Danish national also denied that the partnership could take business away from DONE Events.
“It doesn’t cannibalise our business,” he said. “They smartly came to us.
“We have an annual volume of entertainment bookings and a large contacts book. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.”
There is no direct financial agreement with the deal, he said – just a long-term partnership that he envisages making money.
“It’s not a quick romance,” he said, adding that it was “just short of getting married – it’s for the forseeable.”
Mohammed Khammas, the CEO of AAHG, said the agreement is a “win-win situation”. He added: “DONE Events, with their expertise and international alliances with star talents and their agencies, are the best partners to manage our future live events in the UAE and different parts of the world.
“This alliance is a part of our long-standing strategic growth plans.”
Over the last four decades, AAHG has been involved in business activities ranging from real estate to turnkey construction, engineering and infrastructure and retail.
DONE Events, a subsidiary of Arab Media Group, was established in 2005.
The firm is behind the upcoming One Direction gig in Dubai on April 4.
The 32,500 sold-out Sevens Stadium concert will be the Middle East’s largest ever.