Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

117 LIVE

AAHG’s new subsidiary, 117 LIVE has been launched to manage all the live events to be organized by the group. These events will be held in conjunction with other brands. The subsidiary was formed following a successful long-term alliance with leading events company, DONE Events and is in line with AAHG’s strategic and futuristic growth plans.

This company will put together events at AAHG’s most awaited in-house venue that will be on par with international standards and would be the sole stand-alone events in the Middle East, Asian and South American territories.

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Comicave Studios

Comicave Studios, headquartered in Singapore, deals in conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing high end and premium collectibles, both for top end clients as well as the retail and entertainment industry. Bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, the company pioneers in the creation of exciting products seen in movies and brings them to life, often with more features to be the game changers in the industry. Currently, the company’s focus is on the creation of products for top Hollywood studios and brands such as Marvel, Warner Brothers, Disney, Sanrio and Transformers.

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Legend Studio

AAHG’s Studio Ex, a games development studio investment in Korea was recently acquired by The Walt Disney Company and now the group’s gaming division is coming up with interesting concepts. Legend Studios, AAHG’s subsidiary in the animation and gaming sector is currently in the process of churning out some interesting projects.

Further, the division has invested in Camelot Media Investments, a US-based media group that was founded in 2009 and operates gaming websites. Camelot Media Investments has been developing several industry-changing games that are about to be released.

Rethink Leisure & Entertainment

Rethink Leisure & Entertainment is a design and development company dedicated to creating memorable places and experiences the world over. The company specialises in creating and producing visitor experiences, resorts and themed attractions.

Rethink’s team of veteran creative artists, designers, and producers execute all levels of project development, from the design phase to the opening day. Rethink is currently working on the design of a theme park for Al Ahli Holding Group.

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Universal Events

Universal Events is a premier international events management company that will initially be focused on organizing Al Ahli Holding Group’s official Comic Con events in Manila, Philippines first and then in Abu Dhabi and Seoul, Korea. The company, a subsidiary of AAHG will organize events in various pockets of the world on a grand platform that would attract several internationally renowned artists, celebrities and pop-culture icons – that is bound to draw the attention of ardent fans from different regions.

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theAudience, one of the world’s largest multi-channel publishers of social and digital content is the latest addition in Al Ahli Holding Group’s media portfolio.

theAudience is a direct-to-consumer publishing company that was set up in the year 2011 to enable brands to participate in popular culture at massive scale. The company that turns likes into love, builds meaningful connections between leading entertainers, global brands, and highly engaged fans, through compelling, sharable content that binds their lives together. theAudience syndicates content to over a billion consumers globally.

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