Review: Nicki Minaj Live In Dubai

March 27, 2016 | Avenue

Review: Nicki Minaj Live In Dubai

The undisputed Queen of rap, Nicki Minaj, touched down in Dubai on Friday to perform the final show of her global PinkPrint Tour.

The venue was the temporary pop-up, close to Dubai Outlet Mall and known as the Autism Rocks Arena – an outdoor standing arena with a capacity for 20,000 Nicki Minaj fans (or Barbie’s as she affectionately refers to them).

The show started with, All Things Go, the opening track from The PinkPrint album. A reflective piece that looked at her career and life choices and showed a more introspective side to the caricature that she often portrays.

Being a smart business woman, Nicki Minaj certainly knew what the audience wanted and she gave it to them in spades. Dressed in a skin-tight leotard, embellished with gold tassels, to accentuate her ‘assets’, there was plenty of provocative dancing to keep the crowd salivating (despite her stating that she had to turn down her usual sexually charged performance for the UAE audience).

Nicki Minaj is most famous for her features on other artists tracks, and a guest spot from the most famous female rapper in the game can make or break song. This is both a gift and a curse for Minaj, as her vocals on Kanye West’s Monster have been the defining moment of her career and something that she has never bettered (even on her own work). Minaj cleverly got this out of the way, at the start of the show, so that she could focus on her own catalogue of hits, whilst sending the crowd into a frenzy with her fast paced lyrical flow.

As Minaj effortless segued between songs – from the Beyonce assisted Feeling Myself to a mega-mix of her collaborations with label-mate Drake, that included Only, Truffle Butter and Moment For Life – it was amazing to recognise how many hits she has had, based upon her relatively short career.