The World’s Largest Collectibles Shop is in Dubai

December 14, 2015 | Dubai Confidential

The World’s Largest Collectibles Shop is in Dubai

Are you into sci-fi and comic books? Thor, Wolverine, the Green Lantern; we all know who these characters are. Comic book heroes are everywhere these days and movies about them are raking in the big bucks at the box office. What used to be considered counter-culture now has mass appeal.

Whether you happen to be a serious self proclaimed nerd who is well versed in all matters pertaining to comic books or even if you have just watched a handful of Marvel/DC films and rather like the storylines, then Comicave is worth checking out.

Located at Dubai Outlet Mall, the world’s largest comics and collectibles destination does not fall short of supplying a much-needed dose of geek.

There is a life-size model of the Darth Vader from Star Wars-in fact it is what caught our attention and enticed us into the store.

From Lord of the Rings memorabilia to Harry Potter wands, to Marvel and DC collectibles, this store caters to collectors, comic lovers and geeks and also has an impressive selection of larger than life figurines such as batman.

What’s more, Comicave is the exclusive distributor for many of the major collectible brands. So if you fancy picking up something a little different for your loved one this Christmas,Comicave might just have what you’re looking for.

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